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The seven years spent in Prep School is where foundations for life are laid. It is a time when children need to learn about cooperation, responsibility, tolerance and resilience. Each and every child should be treated as an individual ensuring that they are able to grow and develop according to their own potential. Boys and girls need the space to be able to have the confidence to express their opinions while at the same time learn from others and respect the opinions of those around them. Emotional Intelligence is so vital in the modern world and should be nurtured.

The school and the home are part of a team that must work closely together. Without this, the child will not take maximum benefit out of their formative years. It is the responsibility of the parents to instill values and morals, while the teachers have the duty of reinforcing these basic foundations. Parents and teachers should lead by example and be role models for their children.

School life should encourage children to strive to achieve their full potential in all areas, be it academic, cultural, sporting or spiritual. Developing a healthy work ethic is very important to creating self-worth and laying the foundations for high school and beyond.  The school makes no apology in striving for academic excellence and achievement.

Above all, Prep School life should be fun and enjoyable. It should not just be seen as preparation for life, but rather life itself.

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Pecanwood College’s Junior Prep comprises of Grade 1, 2 and 3 with two classes in each Grade.

In the Junior Prep children are given a solid foundation on which to build, ensuring a sound base for their further education. We teach using sound academic principles and strong Christian values.

At Pecanwood College we nurture the whole child. While intellectual development is important, social, emotional, physical and spiritual/moral development is of equal importance.

We constantly strive to ensure that children are happy in a stimulating, secure and loving environment.

 Junior Prep – Academic

 The Junior Prep teachers teach the core subjects and the curriculum followed is in line with the CAPS document. The teachers have a good understanding of the children and how they learn effectively.

The specialist subjects offered are Music, Art, Drama, Computers, Digital Literacy and Physical Education. The Grade 1 to 3 children are also taught Afrikaans and isiZulu by specialist teachers.

The Junior Prep teachers aim to lay a solid foundation during this phase for the children, in order to prepare them for future learning.

Our culture at Pecanwood College is to develop a creative, expansive environment where the individual child has every opportunity to reach his or her full potential.



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What makes our Prep school the school of choice for so many people who live beside the Hartbeespoort Dam and its environs?

The Prep school pupil roll is currently 340 children.  There are two streams in each Grade.  Our low teacher-pupil ratio ensures that all children are individually well known by the staff.

The prep school years are about preparation – for life, for life-long learning, for psychosocial and physical development.  In addition to children receiving the essential academic foundations we have an ‘activity period’ built into the school day that allows us to introduce various physical activities and an appreciation for the outdoors, health and fitness and life sports; befitting our African climate.  In addition, cultural periods are included in which pupils are able to sample and enjoy a diverse range of cultural activities.

The academic day is complemented by a full sports programme in the afternoon and sports are coached by the teachers and specialized coaches in certain sports codes. We encourage participation by all supported by our catch phrase – ‘pitch up and play’ which reinforces our claim that there is a place for everyone in our sports teams.

Come and see for yourself why children in our valley are so happy at our school.


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Our pupils are encouraged to take part in at least one school Sport and one Cultural Club per term.

The objective of the extra-mural programme is to provide pupils with the opportunity of participating in activities that enhance their school experience and develop each child’s physical potential, character and discipline. The extra mural programme is made up of 4 main components:

  • Main stream sport
  • Cultural Activities
  • Sports Clubs
  • Cultural Clubs & Societies

Main stream sport is available to all pupils at no additional cost. Here the focus is on exposing pupils to the skills, rules and application required in the major sporting activities.

Cultural Activities are available to all pupils. The programme offers pupils exposure to other disciplines outside of sport. The cultural activities will focus on completing the holistic development of the individual through the pursuit of a cultural activity.

Sports Clubs– these activities may require additional fees to be levied to participants. This category caters for the many varieties of alternate outdoor sports. It is possible that some alternate/adventure sports may be run by outside individuals in conjunction with the College. The College may therefore need to levy additional fees for such activities in order to cover extra costs.













Academic Enrichment

Pupil’s experiencing learning difficulties at the school will benefit from the favourable teacher/pupil ratio, as well as our Academic Support programme.

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High School


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