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Pecanwood College, like any sound family, stands together around its members, gives all sense of belonging and encourages all to grow and prosper in the spirit of lifelong learning. The College is characterized by service to all our customers: pupils, parents, and teachers. Ours is an inclusive attitude that welcomes all people irrespective of race, colour, creed, cultural orientation or personal ability level. Our approach seeks to develop all staff members within the organisation and to seek ways to train and promote from within where this is in the interests of the individual as well as the organisation. We strive constantly to ensure that our school is the educational institution of choice of the parents in our community.

Pecanwood College places high value on TruthTrustRespect and Stewardship.  We foster Resilience in our learners as they are urged to give of their best at all times.

I am Trustworthy  

My word is my promise and I have integrity

I stand for Truth     

I am honest in my word and actions

I have Respect

I demonstrate this to every person and my surroundings

I value Stewardship

Everything within my sphere of influence will be cared for and valued.

I am Resilient

I am determined and courageous in every challenge I face.


Students are inspired and motivated to achieve the best they can in the classroom. The College elects to write the examinations of the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), which is fully accredited by the National Governing Education Council, Umalusi. The standards of the IEB are held in high regard by international and South African tertiary institutions.

Pecanwood College endeavours to introduce assessment that will provide indications of student achievement in the most efficient and effective way and to ensure that our students are able to integrate and apply the knowledge and skills they have learnt.


The College is registered with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB). The IEB is an independent assessment body that is accredited by Umalusi.

Read more about the IEB at

Pecanwood College Matric Results 2018

From the time this group of pupils first arrived in Grade 8 in 2014, they have given evidence of their academic potential and yet at the same time there has been a group of learners which have required individual attention, nurturing and guiding to ensure they progressed from grade to grade. Pupils with significant learning barriers -just being in a position to write the final Matric exams was an accomplishment in itself! We are ever so proud of the achievements of this year group – the Headmaster and staff of Pecanwood College congratulate and celebrate their achievements at this time!


As a class of 60 pupils, they achieved a ratio of 1,1 distinctions per pupil. With 88% Bachelor Degree passes,10% Diploma passes and 2% Higher Certificate passes, the 100% Pass Rate is most celebrated. The year-group average of 64% was good and is a strong indicator of consistency across the board. There are outstanding individual performances with Zahra Tayob, Tyla Vilela and Nyiko Sithole each achieving four distinctions. They were closely followed by Gabriella de Bruyn, Kimberly Cawood, Jack Phillips and Jasmine van der Nat garnering three distinctions each.


Evidence of the breadth of talent across subject areas such as Mathematical Literacy, IsiZulu, Dramatic Arts and Visual Arts also achieved group averages of 75% and higher – this is indicative of the combination of dedicated and able staff and hard-working and talented pupils.


Distinctions per candidate:

4 Distinctions: Zahra Tayob; Tyla Vilela; Nyiko Sithole

3 Distinctions: Gabriella de Bruyn; Jasmine van der Nat; Kimberly Cawood; Jack Phillips

2 Distinctions: Megan Reeksting; George-Dean da Lanca; Kerry Clifford; Mandisa Dlamini; Teah Sole; Mieke Roets; Matthew Kruger; Kea Mason; Matthew Berry; Megan Moore

1 Distinction: Kago Mokgothu; Alexa Gunning; Daniela Marques; Monique Grace; Keelan Smillie; Michael Dennis; Keegan Hanton; Rhys Rindel; Zandeli Dry; Nathan Smith; Ricardo da Silva; Kananelo Rampete; Kgothatso Seele; Moemedi Bolele; Garett Wolmarans; Cyan Zahos; Migael de Jager; Keagan Masters; Roberto Teixeira


Top Scholars per Subject:

  • Afrikaans – Mieke Roets (2 distinctions)
  • Business Studies – Nyiko Sithole (4 distinctions)
  • Dramatic Arts – Jack Phillips (3 distinctions)
  • English – Jasmine van der Nat (3 distinctions)
  • French – Roark Barkhuizen (1 distinction)
  • History – Tyla Vilela (4 distinctions)
  • IsiZulu – Kgothatso Seele (1 distinction)
  • Life Science – Gabriella de Bruyn (3 distinctions)
  • Mathematics, Physical Science, Geography – Zahra Tayob (4 distinctions)
  • Mathematical Literacy – Matthew Berry (2 distinctions)
  • Music – Megan Reeksting (2 distinctions)
  • Visual Arts – Kerry Clifford (2 distinctions)

Grade 8-9


Afrikaans or Zulu

French (immigrant students only)


Life Orientation

Economic Management Sciences

Natural Sciences

Social Sciences


Arts & Culture

Computer Literacy

Grade 10-12

Compulsory subjects:


Afrikaans or Zulu

French (immigrant students only)

Mathematics / Maths Literacy

Life Orientation


Geography, History, Information Technology, Physical Science, Life Science, Visual Art, Dramatic Arts, Accounting, Business Studies, EGD

Strong and promising students are invited to take AP Maths as an additional subject.

At Pecanwood College we aim to enrich all our students by ensuring we cover Global Competencies in our everyday teaching.  These include:

  • Thinking Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Self-Management skills

Every student is given the opportunity to participate in learning that includes these skills to be sure they are, as our motto says, Prepared for Life.

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Pecanwood College is a member of the Centurus Colleges group that brings together exceptional resources in education and provides exciting, value-added components to the curriculum.

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