Pecanwood College

Academic Enrichment Centre

High School 

High School pupils are encouraged to make appointments with teachers as they offer academic support to all subjects.

We are very excited as we have just launched:-

  • Enrichment for Mathematics for all grades using a computer based application program called Siyavula.
  • Lab-online for Grade 8 – Language enrichment for English and Afrikaans

Academic Clubs:-

  • Science Club
  • Technology Club
  • Animation Club


At Pecanwood College we aim to enrich all our children by ensuring we cover Global Competencies in our everyday teaching.  These include:

  • Thinking Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Self-Management skills

Every child is given the opportunity to participate in learning that includes these skills to be sure they are, as our motto says, Prepared for Life.

Across the prep school classes are various collaborated projects that encompasses all learning areas and a variety of skills and concepts. This allows children to work in a small group setting and complete investigations that are purely driven by themselves and their curiosity.

Our teachers are fully on board and have received training in:

  • Global Competencies
  • Kagan’s Structures
  • De Bono’s Hats
  • The Thinking Keys
  • Philosophy for Children
  • Visible Thinking
  • Mind Mapping

These skills are taught and applied in all classes from Grade 1 to 7.

At Pecanwood we recognise the achievements of our top academics.  Each term the top 5 children in each class receive an academics badge.  These children, along with any others who may be interested, are encouraged to join our TOM weekly sessions.

TOM refers to Tournament of the Minds, which is an international problem solving competition for school children.  AdVtech last year hosted the first African leg of this competition and the Pecanwood teams competed for the first time.  Children work in mixed groups on a pre-determined project, which is then presented using drama and props on competition day.

Academic Support 

Pupil’s experiencing learning difficulties at the school will benefit from the favourable teacher/pupil ratio, as well as our Academic Support programme.  Academic Support and Remedial headed by Mrs Tarryn Felton.

Children identified with learning difficulties are offered in-class support by their teachers, as well as extra lessons after school.  Specific areas that require intervention are referred to on-site or nearby therapists.  Children with severe difficulties are accommodated with facilitators where necessary.

On-site therapists include:

Educational Psychologist Tarryn Felton

072 466 0591

Occupational Therapist Louzanne Knoesen

082 878 5953

Remedial Therapist Isabel Muller

083 556 6475

Speech Therapist Tracy Barrett

083 381 6727

Anine Coetzee

072 125 6674

Visual Therapist Zelda Jordaan

084 587 0334

Physiotherapist Robyn Tacon

082 324 1857


About Us

Pecanwood College is a member of the Centurus Colleges group that brings together exceptional resources in education and provides exciting, value-added components to the curriculum.

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