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Independent, Combined School of Excellence

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Surrounded by the majestic Magaliesberg Mountains and near to the shores of the historic Hartbeespoort dam, Pecanwood College is proud to offer ourselves as an ideal school for families who have chosen a lifestyle away from large urban centres and the quality of life that it brings.

Pecanwood College is an independent, combined school of excellence. Our outstanding facilities, qualified and dedicated teachers offer the passion and enthusiasm to reach each child in a sensitive, caring manner. This excellence extends to a balanced programme of academic, cultural and sporting aptitude.

In this dynamic, happy learning environment, supported by a Christian-based value system, graduates of Pecanwood College are able to reach their full potential academically, physically, socially and spiritually to emerge as well-balanced, productive individuals, “Prepared for Life”

Graduates of Pecanwood College will thus emerge as fully-rounded individuals, moulded by the College’s ethos and opportunities, ‘prepared for life’ and its challenges.

The boarding facility accommodates 180 children. We aim to create a caring and disciplined ‘home’ atmosphere, in which we will help your child grow in strength and character. We accommodate both weekly and monthly boarders, excluding school holidays.


Pecanwood College places high value on Truth, Trust, Respect and Stewardship.
We foster Resilience in our learners as they are urged to give of their best at all times.

I am Trustworthy

My word is my promise and I have integrity

I stand for Truth

I am honest in my word and actions

I have Respect

I demonstrate this to every person and my surroundings

I value Stewardship

Everything within my sphere of influence will be cared for and valued.

I am Resilient

I am determined and courageous in every challenge I face.








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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct has been developed according to the South African Schools Act,1966. It promotes the Mission Statement of the College and works towards a well-balanced, broad education for learners, a professional environment for educators and an atmosphere for the extension of the College ethos. It applies to all aspects of school life and incorporates both behavioural goals and ethical norms.

It is accepted that this code is a dynamic document, requiring frequent deliberation, and possible revision, in order to satisfy always the needs of the College community. To this end, you are invited to submit any suggestions that may be reviewed from time to time by College management and the Board of Directors.

The Code of Conduct is to be presented to all parties concerned on first acceptance to Pecanwood College. Signing the Parents/Guardians’ Declarations and Contract of Enrolment implies an acceptance of the Code, as does the employment contract for educators.

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Pecanwood College is a member of the Centurus Colleges group that brings together exceptional resources in education and provides exciting, value-added components to the curriculum.

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